3. Writing Trenton’s Future


Beautiful Trenton invited Trenton residents to submit written works addressing the themes that emerged from the Community Café. We want to continue and deepen the conversation about Trenton’s future that started at the Beautiful Trenton Community Café. These diverse works, which we invite you to read and consider, represent the views of the contributors, and not Beautiful Trenton or Beautiful Trenton’s fiscal sponsor.

All works are copyrighted © 2010 by their authors, and are subject to a Creative Commons license, which requires attribution (acknowledging the author or creator) and prohibits commercial use or derivative works (for more information, go to http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/) without the express consent of the author.  For more information, please contact Beautiful Trenton.

Writing Trenton’s future is the next step in the process through which Trenton residents can take responsibility for the future of our city.  We urge you to read, consider and enjoy these works.


Seven broad themes were developed during the Community Café process, and residents of Trenton were invited to submit works on these topics.

  1. Intra-City Coordination
  2. Marketing
  3. Downtown Revitalization
  4. Arts, Culture and History
  5. Clean-up
  6. Youth
  7. Education

Intra-City Coordination

Trenton is a city of many blocks, many neighborhoods, and many organizations that have the ability to effect significant change, if they work together. Essays received are:


Many participants in the Beautiful Trenton Community Cafe noted the need to “market” the City and promote the City’s strengths in a number of ways. Essays received are:

Downtown Revitalization

Revitalizing Downtown Trenton was a recurring theme during the Beautiful Trenton Community Café. Essays received are:

Arts, Culture, and History

Trenton has long been a community rich in arts and culture, grounded in its impressive history. Essays received are:


Everyone can participate in making their block, their neighborhood, and their city a cleaner place. It’s easy to do and is often the first step in making real and lasting change in the community. The essays received is:


We are a city of many ages. The young people of our city are not just the future, but they are the present and can be engaged effectively to make Trenton more beautiful now and for the next generation. Essays received are:


Trenton’s education system serves our young people today, but is also the foundation for keeping and attracting families for tomorrow. Essays received are:

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  1. Trenton Watch on

    What is your opinion on “Pilot for privatized schools includes Trenton”?-

    TRENTON — Private companies would be allowed to build and manage up to a dozen public schools in Trenton, Newark and Camden under a pilot program that is expected to go before state legislators for votes on Monday.

    Visit http://www.nj.com/mercer/index.ssf/2012/01/pilot_for_privatized_schools_i.html for full article

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