A Clean Trenton is a Beautiful Trenton

Phyllis Holly-Ward

Positive Point: Cleaning up our city is fastest and most effective way to help improve our image; it will send a loud message that will make people look beyond the negative and see the beautiful things that Trenton has to offer.

  • What’s working in Trenton now? The annual event called the “Litter March”
  • How could we build on the strengths? We can make cleaning up a continuous year round campaign instead of it being a one day event.

Cleaning up and improving the appearance of our neighbors is our individual right to live decently, as well as our public responsibility as residents to work with our government, not just to lean on it and take from it. Our communities are what we make them and become the way we keep them. Cleaning up is free; there is no socioeconomic prejudice about it. People who clean up there communities have decided they want to live a better life. Middle and upper class flight from a neighbor doesn’t happen because residents are afraid that a neighbor is getting better. That makes no sense. The flight occurs when there are signs that the neighborhood is starting to deteriorate. Litter and unkempt properties are the first sign that the people moving in don’t seem to care. The reverse is that when people see a nice clean neighborhood it shows the people care and attracts other caring people to want to live there.

When we take care of our neighborhood, it gives us a since of hope, belonging and a feeling of pride. It also makes our neighborhoods feel safer. A clean community gives a first impression of how we think of ourselves and of our self-worth, so talking about may intimidate some people. This some cases it can make the subject very challenging to talk about, but it has to be dealt with to move our city forward, because cleaning up our city is the first step to improving a community’s quality of life. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much money you have, cleaning up sends an inter message to ourselves and an outer message to the world that positive change is coming. I look forward to working with everyone to start a City wide clean up campaign that will send a positive message that Trenton is beautiful.

A dirty community

A clean community

What are the benefits of a clean city-ask yourself?

  • Which community would I choose for me and my family to live in?
  • Which community looks more likely to have drug dealers or gang members?
  • Which community looks and feels safer?
  • Which community looks like it has residents that care?
  • Which community looks like the leadership of the City and the neighborhoods work together?
  • Which community looks like the city enforces its laws?
  • Which community would I want to send my children to school in?
  • Which community would I want to visit?

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