Eric Maywar

Education is not just an issue for parents and teachers.  The quality of education affects economic development, civic pride and crime.  Every Trentonian needs to find a way to participate and educate our kids. 


Trenton schools have needs.  Businesses and individuals can adopt a school.  This would mean identifying the needs of a school (both in terms of supplies and volunteers) and work to fulfill these needs.  Once you have this list, reach out to the people and businesses you know and see what they can help provide.  Post them on a website.  Get city Council and the Mayor to help with outreach.  Hold a fund raiser.

Books at Home

Classics Used and rare Books was trying to figure out how to follow this principle and do out part.  This is what we found.

Studies show that when kids have more books in their home libraries, they do better in school. Classics Used and Rare Books, 117 South Warren Street, raises store credit and money to make books available for all Trenton kids.  Ina struggling school district, this is one thing everybody can do to help kids succeed.

Through a partnership with local groups, Classics distributed $4,129 worth of books to Trenton students in 2009.  Distribution partners include Doc Long at Trenton Central High School Poetry Class, Hedgepeth Williams, Robbins School, Children’s Futures, Garvey School, the Trenton Police Department, WUCUSU, Powerful Life, SBR Realty, Fatha Ramsee, OURSEP, and Columbus School.


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